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An airport  can either be the happiest or the saddest place. 

The arrival gate’s waiting room, full of people can be one of the most anxious, nervous, joyous and exciting place. People wait with anticipation as passengers one by one come through the exit from customs. Their eyes wide open searching for their loved ones. 

Conversely, the departure gate’s waiting room can be filled with sorrow, fear, loneliness, heartbreak, and tender moments. People are waiting only for their loved ones to walk farther and farther away from them until they can no longer be seen.

NAIA is the best example. Dirty, full of smoke, smelly but still people patiently wait. I try mt best to travel back home, at least once a year. I can only imagine how they feel as they wait for me outside of the arrival gate. Slow customs, you see a lot of bags while you wait for yours. Finally after an hour or so, I find my way out and hear them call me ‘J-bong’ ‘Bong’ (my nickname, yes) which is very comforting.

When departure day comes, I hold the thought as far away from me as possible. I try not to let the reality sink in. There is no waiting area at the departure gate, so they have to drop me off and go to the parking lot until my plane leaves. Yes, until my plane leaves. Only Filipinos do that. My private moment becomes public but I never cry. The saddest act I somehow gather the strength to do is the moment of the final hugs and kisses.



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