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Pitch Perfect (OST) [Soundtrack]

1. Don’t Stop the Music – The Treblemakers
2. Let It Whip – The Treblemakers
3. Since U Been Gone – Ester Dean and Skyler Astin
4. Cups – Anna Kendrick
5. Riff-Off – The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers and The BU Harmonics
- Ladies of the 80s (includes MickeyLike A VirginHit Me With Your Best Shot)
- Songs About Sex (includes S&MLet’s Talk About SexI’ll Make Love To YouFeels Like the First TimeNo Diggity)
6.Bellas Regionals – The Barden Bellas
(includes The SignEternal FlameTurn the Beat Around)
7. Right Around – The Barden Bellas (feat. My Name Is Kay)
8. Pool Mashup – The Barden Bellas
(includes Just the Way You Are (Amazing)Just A Dream)
9. Party in the U.S.A. – The Barden Bellas
10. Trebles Finals – The Treblemakers
(includes Bright Lights Bigger CityMagic)
11. Bellas Finals – The Barden Bellas


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